Diploma in Qur’anic Studies

Certificate in Arabic Conversation

This course is an analytical study of the conversations that are recorded in the Holy Qur'an. For example, the conversation between Moses and Pharaoh or the conversation between Allah and Iblis etc.

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Certificate in Thematic Studies

This course studies in depth the unique style and form of the Holy Qur'an. An analytical overview of the Holy Qur’an in terms of its theme, content and impact and will enable a student a greater understanding of the Holy Qur'an

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Certificate in Tarjama Studies

This course teaches the translation of the Holy Qur'an. The student will learn the grammatical rules so that the student is able to apply those rules to be able to translate correctly the Arabic text of the Holy Qur'an

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Certificate in Tajweed Studies

The student will learn the different characteristics of Arabic letters and the relatinships between the letters. Advance rules of Tajweed will be studied in depth enabling the student to comprehend the science of recitation and thus be able to recite the Holy Qur'an properly

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All Certificate Courses all online. Complete all five courses for the Diploma. Each course runs for 12 weeks – one online lesson a week. Two Certificate courses will not be run at the same time. Maximum time limit to complete all 5 courses is 3 years.

Courses are by registration only.

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