How to join ITQA? +

Visit ITQA website and register yourself by clicking on Teachers Registration

How long will the screening take? +

It approximately takes around 10-15 minutes over the phone.

Do I need any qualification to be a part of ITQA? +

Yes, a qualification will be required as per course demands.

What kind of teacher resources are used? +

All teaching material is specially prepared and provided by ITQA in PDF format.

Will training be provided if needed? +

Yes, teacher’s training will be provide

Who do you need to contact if you have any question? +

For all teacher-related queries, please email to: – [email protected] and contact on 0044 203 146105

If for any reason, a teacher is unable to commit full time (Mon- Thu) can he/she make part-time commitment? +

ITQA encourages full time commitment in first place, however a teacher may also be accepted for at least two days per week commitment

If someone is not proficient in English language but has been teaching the Qur’an +

Yes, of course as ITQA offers courses in multiple languages

What is the duration of the course? +

Each semester lasts for six months including two major exams named, ‘Mid-term’ and ‘Final’

What are the categories of teachers at ITQA? +

These are: Main teacher, Support teacher and Cover teacher.